As of January 9th

Although there are still trees down from the last couple of storms, we are trying to get them cleaned up. There is more water, though, creating quite a few puddles. Don’t wear your dress shoes out there right now!

The deep water that was blocking the trail from Cora to Bear Meadow is now drained and the trail can be used again.

Please remember to let us know if you find a problem out there. You can email us at or contact any Greenway Association member.

We’ve been trying to keep maps in the map holders at certain trailheads. We have the county copy the maps for us. I know they are trying to cut expenses where possible. To that end, you’ll see signs promoting the Maprika app. With that app on your smartphone, you can download the Greenway map. The app uses the GPS on your phone to show you just where you are. If the holders are empty, please let us know–we’ll try to keep maps available. The same goes for Mutt Mitts. If the dispensers are empty, let us know.

A number of you hike the trails regularly so don’t really need a map or directions. We are always getting new users, though, and especially in the fall when the leaves drop many parts of our trails just blend into the background. For this reason, we have installed confidence markers (or trail markers, whatever you wish to call them). Some people have complained that the markers detract from the Greenway. We like to think that they are useful for those unused to hiking in the woods. We have more to do, but ran out of markers! We’ll continue when we buy more.

This is what our confidence markers look like.

While the markers show a hiker, it does not mean the trail is exclusively for hikers. As you know, most of our trails are open to horses. The little directional signs on the trail number posts show which trails are closed to horses. We could also put up horse trail markers, but we would like to avoid sign pollution and our experience with horse riders has always been good.

Can’t remember where the trail number posts are located? Check out our map in the Visitor Information menu item. 

Want to report stuff? Want to volunteer to help? Just e-mail us at or you can contact Art at 360-638-0738  to make your report. You can also comment on our Facebook page. Something we ask you to do when reporting: Tell us what the problem is and approximately where it is. Try to tie your description to a post number. If it is a tree across the trail, tell us approximately how large it is. If we can use a hand saw, it saves us from lugging a heavy chain saw into the woods.

Want to help? We can always use more volunteers, whether you want to do physical labor or are more the casual hiker type of person. Any time you can contribute is really appreciated! And you’ll get bragging rights for working with us! There is no “required” amount of time for volunteers to work.  We are just happy to get any help we can get. Navigate to the “Contact Us” menu item (under “The Greenway” tab) and raise your hand!