As of February 11

The rain has not affected the trail system too badly. Yes, there are some muddy spots and you may get your feet wet in several places, but it’s not all that bad. The one exception is Otter Meadow. Unfortunately, that is on the main trail and almost everyone who enters the system from Buck Lake Park will be affected. The good news is that we are working with the county on this area and will be installing some type of temporary boardwalk, hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

Our trail stewards are not reporting any real problems anywhere else.

We have provided maps for your use in the past. Unfortunately, they cost money! The county has been making copies for us and said they would no longer provide them after the end of 2023. Their priorities have changed and the replacement “you are here” maps are on hold. We’ll keep paper maps in the holders until they can supply an alternative. There are several apps that will work on your smart phone that use GPS-enabled maps. We used to recommend Maprika to use as a map app, but it might no longer be available. We’ll let you know when we find a suitable app.

Can’t remember where the trail number posts are located? Check out our map in the Visitor Information menu item. 

Want to report stuff? Want to volunteer to help? Just e-mail us at to make your report. You can also comment on our Facebook page. Something we ask you to do when reporting: Tell us what the problem is and approximately where it is. Try to tie your description to a post number. If it is a tree across the trail, tell us approximately how large it is. If we can use a hand saw, it saves us from lugging a heavy chain saw into the woods.

We can always use more volunteers, whether you want to do physical labor or are more the casual hiker type of person and just prefer to act as an extra set of eyes for us. Any help is really appreciated and you’ll get bragging rights for working with us! There is no “required” amount of time for volunteers to work.  Just navigate to the “Contact Us” menu item (under “The Greenway” tab) and raise your hand!