TrilliumFor the first ten years, the Greenway Committee led Hansville volunteers in the construction and maintenance of trails and structures, and acted as the stewardship committee for the Hansville Greenway. They developed the county’s first stewardship manual for a Kitsap County Parks open space property and have been monitoring and reporting since 1995.

In early 2005, the Greenway Stewards decided to formalize the process and as a result, the Hansville Greenway Association was formed with the mission: “To preserve natural areas and wildlife on the northern Kitsap Peninsula for the benefit of future generations.”

The goals of the Association are to:

> Protect natural areas and wildlife
> Provide a continuous recreational trail system from Puget Sound to Hood Canal linking neighborhoods with natural areas and recreational areas
> Provide opportunities for education and awareness programs about the benefits of preserving wildlife and natural areas
> Work cooperatively with government agencies, other community groups, and businesses to accomplish the mission

The Hansville Greenway Association (HGA) provides stewardship services for the Greenway in cooperation with Kitsap County Parks and Recreation Department and the Great Peninsula Conservancy. The HGA evolved from an unincorporated association of community volunteers known as the Hansville Greenway Committee which was formed to implement the 1993 Hansville Community Plan.  This led to the establishment of the Hansville Greenway.  The HGA continues to provide development, stewardship and maintenance services for the Greenway. The association functions as a project under the  umbrella of the non-profit Great Peninsula Conservancy.

There are 8 officers in the Association

President:  Michael Szerlog
Vice President: Angie Harrison
Secretary:  Kirsten McLeod
Treasurer: Martha Lingen
Stewardship Manager:  Sarah Baxter
Project Manager: Howie O’Brien
Science and Education Manager: Van Bergen
Media Relations Manager: Art Ellison

The executive board

From left to right: Sarah Baxter, Van Bergen, Kirsten McLeod, Howie O’Brien, Angie Harrison, Martha Lingen, Michael Szerlog, Art Ellison