September in the Greenway. Plant and animal life are in full swing. Plants are putting on growth through photosynthesis, while sugar and carbohydrate production takes place to fuel new growth and prepare for the dormant months of diminishing light and cooler temperatures.  Animals are busy with daily life: foraging, caring for their offspring, all while preparing for the return of fall. 

Insects are active too! A couple of hornet nests were observed by a hiker at the Otter Meadow kiosk. If you should happen to be in the area, please beware of their presence, and respect their place in nature.   

Birds, insects, plants, and trees are not the only life forms going about business in the Greenways. The volunteer crew continues to whack, cut, and brush vegetation back from the trails so that anyone interested in stepping in the Greenway can do so safely.  

It is an excellent time of year to take time to explore the Greenway.  Step away from electronic gadgets and the constant buzz of city life to take a walk in nature. Take your awareness, a pair of binoculars, and an open mind into the Greenway to see, hear, and sense the abundant life living in the Greenway.  

The new Greenway tool storage shed is coming together nicely. Thanks to Art Ellison and crew, who built shelving, organized and arranged the space to store the tools used by the Greenway trail volunteers.  

The next Greenway meeting convenes on Thursday, October 3, 6 PM at the GHCC.