Now that Fall has officially arrived we know that we will have more wind and rain coming our way during the next few months.  It will mean the start of the cleanup of downed limbs, and hopefully not too many trees.   As in seasons before, the Greenway volunteers will accomplish the cleanup so access to the trails will be quickly restored.  We can always use more help following a storm so if you would like to provide some assistance, please let us know and we’ll add you to our volunteer list.  You can contact us at our website, www.hansvillegreenway.org, or visit us on facebook.

At our September meeting we paid tribute to Lori Raymaker, who retired that day after seving many years as Volunteer Coordinator for the Kitsap Parks and Recreation Department.  We enjoyed pizza and other goodies and presented Lori with some appropriate retirement gifts.  Lori has been a great help whenever we needed some special equipment to maintain the trails as well as coordinating with other members of the park department staff.  We all wish her the very best in her retirement.


This hike goes to the north end of Buck Lake.  Head west across Otter Meadow from the kiosk to sign post 3.  Continue west and follow the trail as it turns north to signpost 8.  Turn right there heading toward Buck Lake.  The Lake Vista view platform is at the end of the trail spur, just in the trees beside the meadow.  Return to the kiosk by the same route.  As an alternative, the trail also continues north from sign post 8, down through the forest, across the Buck Lake outlet stream and 4 tenths of a mile to Cora Avenue.  Then proceed through the Alder Wetlands trail to Twin Spits Road.  Best to have someone there or at Norwegian Point Park to pick you up.  Trail maps are available at the kiosk, trail heads or at the Hansville Store.

Now is a good time to take a quiet walk and enjoy the beautiful Fall foliage in the Hansville Greenway.

Want to know more about the Greenway? Come to the next Hansville Greenway Association meeting at 7:00 pm, December 6th at the Greater Hansville Community Center.  No dues are required to be a member.