An interesting development: Otter Meadow, the large meadow containing the kiosk just down the trail from the entrance at Buck Lake Park, has been getting wetter (no real news to avid Greenway hikers).

The county has been studying the meadow and the plan is to designate it as a wetland. This means we can no longer manage it as we have in the past.

It is often best to just avoid wetlands. In the case of Otter Meadow, the main access trail passes through it. The trail must remain useable as there is no practical way of rerouting recreation access to the rest of the Greenway from Buck Lake Park. There also is a need for maintenance and emergency access.

The county has suggested a couple of options for a temporary boardwalk that can be removed in the spring after the meadow dries. (This should be accomplished before the end of February.) After that, we will need to work on a permanent fix to the problem. We’ll keep you informed.