Fall is here! The leaves are crisp and bright, crinkling underfoot.
But, once you go into the cover of forest
You’ll find it marvelously unchanged.
Fall is implied with some leaves on the ground
Yet ferns and the evergreens stand strong and tall
The scene remains a cascade of bright and dark greens.

The quality of air is the biggest indication of a shift;
It’s changed
Into rich, clear oxygenated breaths
Minty, almost
As the decomposing leaves add their surprisingly fresh, marvelous aroma.
(Strange how mother earth can make the decomposition of leaves smell so lovely)

The decomposition of leaves reminds me
That nothing is forever
We are born, we live rich lives, and then we fall back into the earth
And so, I am prompted to live each day fully.

Walking in the Greenway, I become aware of how lucky we are
To still have well-kempt forests and trails
That help transform toxic air into fresh air.
It took some time for the smoke to clear
But now that it has, I’m so grateful
To have cool air that fills and cleanses my lungs.

Today, I walked from Buck Lake to Lower Hawk’s Pond
It’s such a treat when you arrive to the brightness of the pond
To hear the beaver splashing,
Watch ducks flying in and out
And to listen to the sound of the frogs.

By Emily Cooper