Do you remember newsworthy events which took place 29 years ago?  What about the search for WMD’s in Iraq; or the launching of the Hubble Telescope.  At the time, these significant events made the headlines. Then, with time they faded into the past, to be replaced with the next sensationalized event.  Something else took root 29 years ago, which has grown and flourished.

With a love of nature and a desire to preserve a piece of it for generations, Sid Knutson, a retired engineer and community volunteer, had an idea.  Recognizing the forested and wetland areas in Hansville as critical to protect as a nature preserve, he set off to create a plan to protect 250+ acres of Nature.  

The plan included the protection of wetlands, creating a wildlife corridor between Puget Sound to the east, and the Hood Canal to the west, and to build a network of trails for people on foot and bicycle to explore the diversity of life within the Greenway.  The plan envisioned and originally planned by Sid Knutson ultimately required like-minded volunteers to bring it to life.

Two instrumental volunteers assisted Sid Knutson to implement the Greenway project:  Mary Ellen McCaffree-a retired Washington State Political leader with environmental legislation experience, and Ken Shawcroft- a retired engineer and Kitsap School district volunteer, contributed their time, passions, and skillsets to help nurture Sid Knutson’s idea into the Hansville Greenway Association. 

A comprehensive history of the Greenway is available in a publication titled “Story of the Hansville Greenway” which can be found for purchase at the Hansville Grocery, and Kingston Mercantile.  All proceeds from the sale of these books goes to support the bus funding for the Hansville Greenway Ecosystem Elementary Education project with the North Kitsap School District.

The Greenway volunteers would like to thank Kingston Mercantile for the generous financial donation to the student busing fund.

Historical information is also available at the website.

The next meeting is on October 3, at 6 PM at the GHCC.