To fall in love with the Greenway all over again.

Fall is a perfect season to explore and connect with nature in the Greenway. November highlights include the changing color of foliage, animals preparing for cooler weather, as well as invisible changes occurring in the plant world.

The green of chlorophyll, which masked fall colors all summer, is waning due to dwindling daylight and cooling temperatures. As a result, the reds, yellows, golds, reveal their beauty as fall leads the way toward winter.  

Forest-dwelling creatures scurry to and fro preparing for the colder weather in the months ahead by preparing their dens for cover from harsh weather, caching food away, and packing on ounces or pounds to carry them through the winter months. They are also increasing coat volume to help ward off the cooler temperatures just ahead. Their activity levels are high as daylight dwindles, necessitating a hurry-up defensive attack to accomplish their goals. Each day provides less opportunity than the day before to perform their winter preparation activities.  

Fall is a perfect time to explore and experience the abundance of life existing in the Greenway. On your next visit to the Greenway I encourage you to open your senses fully, leave your thoughts and worries behind to fully connect with and experience the abundance of life existing in the Greenway. Doing so will benefit you and the Greenway in innumerable ways.

As always, the Greenway volunteers have been busy maintaining the trails for all to enjoy. There is an ongoing need for volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, indicate your interest by using the contact us link at

The next scheduled meeting takes place on Thursday, December 5, 2019, at 6 PM, GHCC.

This last meeting of the year includes a party honoring all the volunteers who donate time and resources to the Greenway.