As we look back at a very windy and wet December, it’s also time to review our accomplishments during 2015 and plan for 2016.  Here are some of what was accomplished during this past year.

  • Mowed the eastern portion of Bear Meadow and part of the northern section of Otter Meadow to control blackberry bushes and alder starts.
  • Continued removal of invasive species and the control of Canadian Thistle.
  • Relocated portions of the trail at the Cora entrance.
  • Installed a 38′ timber boardwalk and 250′ of geoblocks on the slippery slope between trail markers 15 and 16.
  • Installed a split rail fence with wheel stops at Norwegian Point Park.
  • Provided bus funding and hosted about 350 North Kitsap 4th graders on field trips.
  • Removed more than 100 trees and large branches from the trails after the Fall windstorms.

As we look forward our goals are to continue to explore opportunities for any additions to the Greenway.  Continue trail improvements to make the trails all-weather trails and continue the education program for elementary school students.

The Greenway and Norwegian Point Park always need more volunteers to help us make them safer and more enjoyable for all of us, so we invite you to come and join the other volunteers. Contact us on our website, Hansvillegreenway.org.  You can also reach us on our facebook page, a link is proveded on our website.


At the December Greenway meeting the following 2016 officers were elected:

  • President, Mike Szerlog
  • Vice President, Jim DeRoy
  • Secretary, Marilyn DeRoy
  • Treasurer, Art Ellison
  • Stewardship Coordinator, Denny Johnson
  • Maintenance Manager, Howie O’brien

If you would like to be involved, please come to our next meeting, 7:00 pm, thursday, February 4th at the Greater Hansville Community Center.  You can also help with a tax deductible donation to the Greenway through the GHCC when you send in your GHCC membership for 2016.