Reports From the Trails

March 27th – I went to check on the maps at Ponderosa today and noticed a couple of trilliums in bloom on the way to the map box. Walked a little farther onto the Trillium Loop and only saw one more in bloom, but there’s not as much sun there. They’re on the way. Van

March 30th – This afternoon we walked through the Chatham and Outback sections in a light rain. The trillium are just beginning, there are yellow violets in bloom, and the red flowering currant is already inviting hummingbirds. Marilyn

April 9th – Trilliums blooming reluctantly in cool weather. Peak is yet to come. Heard many Pacific Wrens on the way to the pond.  At the pond saw three Canada Geese, a Pied-billed Grebe, Bald Eagle soaring, several Marsh Wrens, pair of Common Yellowthroats, a few Red-winged Blackbirds.  Ken

April 20th – Many trilliums are blooming between #6 and #7. Near the platform at Lower Hawk’s Pond saw Pacific Wrens, Mallards, Redwing Blackbirds. Heard Common Yellowthroats, Marsh Wrens, Pacific Slope Flycatcher. In the forest north of the pond heard Black-throated Gray Warbler, Brown Creeper, Downy Woodpecker, Chestnut-backed Chickadees. (Ken)

The Hansville Community and Hansville Greenway Association have together been selected by Kitsap County Public Works and the Board of County Commissioners as a 2022 Earth Day Award winner, in recognition of making the 100-acre Greenway expansion a reality! There’s a lot to do to reclaim this land as a healthy forest and wildlife corridor, as well as to keep the pre-existing Greenway in shape. If you want to be included in these efforts, be sure to sign up with both the county ( and GPC ( as a volunteer. If you contact Art Ellison at, he will add you to the lists where you can be notified of upcoming projects and/or receive and submit trail reports.

Marilyn DeRoy