Good news,  Van Bergen, a Hansville Greenway volunteer steward and past president has volunteered to be the coordinator of the 4th grade habitat field trips.  The Greenway association has hosted the educational field trip program for North Kitsap School District elementary students since 1997 and without a coordinator the program was in danger of being canceled.  We would  like to thank Van for agreeing to be the coordinator and to Mary Pitroff who has been the coordinator for several years and was unable to continue.   Van can still use some help being a host and guide with the teachers during the students day in the Greenway.  The kids arrive by bus at 9:45 and leave soon after noon.  The sessions continue in May and into early June.  If you would like to assist, please call Mike Szerlog at 360-881-0470.

Pope Resources are planning to harvest timber within the easement for the Hansville Greenway Trail on Pope Resources Property.  In 2007, the company sold 91 acres of land to Kitsap County as well as a trail easement on Pope Resources property to help facilitate trail connectivity through the Greenway.  Pope Resources retained the right to harvest their timber in portions of the easement areas and is planning on logging within the easement under the agreement with Kitsap County.  The precise timing of the harvest is unknown at this time, but will likely occur before 2021 .  Pope Resources will advise the county, the Hansville Greenway Ass’n and the public before the logging begins.

Some portions of the trail West of Lower Hawks Pond may be closed during the logging for safety reasons.  Please respect the trail closure signs where they are posted.  Where feasible, Pope Resources will leave retention trees as environment buffers near the existing trail easement.  The flagging you see in that portion of the trails is to identify trees that will be retained.  Please do not remove any of the colored tapes on these trees or they may be cut down.  More news to follow as it becomes available.

The next Hansville Greenway Ass’n meeting will Thursday, June 7, 6:00 pm at the Greater Hansville Community Center in Buck Lake Park.  Come and join us!