What a winter!  Record rainfall during the first 4 months of the year has left soggy ground just about everywhere.  But hopefully with Summer approaching the worst is over and sunny, warm days will return to dry things out.  While there are still a few muddy spots on the trails they are easy to step over or around.  Thanks to the  Greenway volunteers who have been busy cleaning culverts to help manage water away from the trails.

The Trillium flowers, the symbol of the Hansville Greenway Association, are now in bloom with their white flowers brightening the green landscape.  Hurry out there before their blooms turn a light coral pink before going to seed.  There are 50 varieties of Trillium plants and just two of them are native to our neck of the woods.  This year they are bigger and more numerous than before.  As their seeds spread it will take up to two years for the new plants to take root and produce flowers.  The plants are hardy and can live more than 20 years.

The most Trillium flowers are located in the South Forest Loop a two mile round trip hike from the entrance at Buck Lake Park.  From the kiosk head south out of the meadow, through the woods to the railroad grade at signpost 4.  Turn left here and follow the trail south past signpost 5.  The South Forest Loop begins at signpost 6, so you can turn off the trail to the right to do the loop counter clockwise or stay on the railroad grade trail to signpost 9.  Follow the trail past signpost 10 and keep right at signpost 7.  At signpost 6 you will have completed the loop.  Turn left and head back to the kiosk.  Or if you want a shorter trip, simply enter the Greenway at the Ponderosa Dr. entrance and begin the loop at signpost 7.

There are several trail improvement projects scheduled for this Summer.  If you would like to volunteer, check the volunteer opportunities on our website at www.hansvillegreenway.org or check us out on Facebook.

The next Hansville Greenway meeting is at 6:OO pm on June 1st  at the Greater Hansville Community Center at 6:00 pm on June 1st.  Come and join us!