Spring is definitely here with longer days, warmer temperatures, less rain and beautiful new green growth throughout the Hansville Greenway.  Some trillium are still blooming with their fragile blossoms turning pink and wild flowers starting to show their colors.

This has been an unusually windy and wet winter keeping the Greenway volunteers busy.  More the 100 trees and hundreds of large limbs and small branches fell on the trails and had to be removed. The abnormal amount of rain clogged culverts and had to be cleaned of mud and debris.  Another wet slippery area on the Bear Meadow trail was fixed with the installation of Geo-block grating.  All accomplished by our dedicated volunteers.  Now, with dryer weather the trails are in very good shape.

In March and again in April another group of volunteers, “Team Starbucks”,  cleaned up the Alder Wetlands trail and the trails near Lower Hawks pond.  Team Starbucks was organized by Jeff Gibbons of the Kingston Starbucks store and includes Starbucks employees from other stores in Kitsap County.  They have taken on the Greenway as a monthly community service project and will welcome volunteers to join the team.  Many thanks to Jeff from putting the team together.

When walking the trails you never know what you might come across.  It’s not unusual to spot several species of wildlife.  Recently what looked like a muppet was sighted near trail post ten.  Van Bergen caught it with his camera.  Hope it’s still there.

The next Hansville Greenway meeting will be June 2nd, 7:00 p.m., at the Greater Hansville Community Center.  Come and join us and learn how you can become involved.  Check out our website, www.hansvillegreenway.org, or visit us on Facebook.