Hiking the Southeastern Trails

Along with Spring, March bestows the Hansville Greenway with shoe-soaking mud, green shoots, buds and a growing chorus of bird song. To catch the first starflowers and return of the trillium this month, pull on your raingear and sturdy boots to explore a two-mile stretch from the Greenway’s center to its southeastern end.


Let’s start at the entrance at the end of the Ponderosa Boulevard hill. Follow the trail past ferns and cedars to Post 7, then veer to the right for a short jog to Post 10. Turn right here onto the main trail. Woodpeckers love this area. If you don’t hear them, you’ll see where they’ve jackhammered snags of wind-battered Douglas firs and alders.

At Post 13 you can bear to the left to climb the viewing tower at Lower Hawk’s Pond, where red-winged blackbirds will serenade your effort. Or you can head right and parallel the pond, hiking over gentle hills, dodging endless tree roots, hearing croaking frogs in the thick salmonberry patches and tiptoeing around trail-blocking mud puddles.

Viewing platform

A turnoff to the bridge over Hawk’s Hole Creek is at Post 14 and well worth the short detour for its pastoral beauty. Turning right at Post 15 will take you to a Greenway exit at Spruce Road. Continuing to Post 16 and turning right will take you another half mile past about 15 crashed tree giants, uprooted during recent storms. The trail ends at Hood Canal Road, two miles from where you started at Ponderosa.

Hawks Hole Bridge

Of course, you can start (and park) at either end and turn around at any point that suits your endurance level. Enjoy!

Cynthia Taggart