By now most people know that the Great Peninsula Conservancy has purchased 100 acres adjacent to The Ridge at Buck Lake. Although this land was purchased by the GPC, it will be managed by the Hansville Greenway Association and treated as part of the existing Hansville Greenway.

We (the Hansville Greenway Association) have started work in making the new land accessible. We are in the process of constructing the “main” entrance to the new acquisition, a short distance west of post #3 on the current trail system. The first post, #40, was set on “Twosday—2/22/22.”  Although the temperature was 29 degrees and it was snowing lightly, we braved the elements and got the job started.

The following day, we set the rest of the posts, #41 through #44, as well as the two viewpoint signs.  A trail from the existing Greenway into the new land was pioneered a week or two ago. We will be getting crews together to construct this trail soon. If you have signed up to help, expect to be getting a call!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Joe Reichmuth for routing the numbers on the new sign posts.

The following photos were taken by Marilyn DeRoy, Howie O’Brien, and Art Ellison.

Art Ellison