There is an old saying, if you dislike the weather here just wait 5 minutes, it will change. Two days after 50 degree weather of sun and no wind, the weather turned 180 degrees and with it brought back Winter conditions. As of February 8, we are receiving a thickening blanket of fluffy snow. The potential for more winds, snow, and freezing temperatures over the next 3 or 4 days exists. There are two safety concerns to be mindful of when hiking the Greenway trails.

The first safety concern is preparing for the cold and snow before embarking on a hike. Carry emergency supplies, first aid kit, a bottle of water, matches and a fully charged cell phone, and dress in layers. With the heavy snow-laden branches, the chance of breaking and falling limbs and trees increases. The weather can shift rapidly, so prepare before heading out to enjoy the trails and woods during snowy conditions. The second safety concern to plan for before leaving on a hike is what to do if you see a bear or coyote.

Wildlife, such as bears and coyotes, use the Greenway for privacy, food resources, and as a migratory corridor throughout the year.  They do not want contact with humans nor do we want to come in contact with them. Even though it is winter, bear sittings occur.

 It is a common perception that bears hibernate during the winter. This is bear behavior in winter, right?  There is an exception.  In coastal regions where the winters are mild,  male black bears often forage throughout the winter.  What should you do if you happen to see a bear while hiking?

If you happen to cross paths with a bear while hiking, there are specific actions to take to protect yourself.  Visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website, listed below, to learn what to do in the event you come across a bear while hiking.

The following website links lead to two sites, one providing information about local wildlife and their habits, the other providing information on preparing to go for a hike.



We are planning to offer weekly guided nature hikes on the Greenway trails.  A Greenway volunteer will lead the hikes, answer questions, and introduce you to the trail system.  If you are interested in taking part, please email us at: info@hansvillegreenway.org.

The next scheduled bi-monthly meeting is on April 4, 2019-6:00 pm at GHCC, 6778 Buck Lk. RD. NE.