Timber harvest to begin in March.  Pope Resources is planning on logging 65 acres adjacent to the Greenway trail easement between trail post 18 and the Hansville Road.  The logging will begin in early March as soon as the necessary permits are issued. The Pope property is located just South of the Greenway trail section known as the Outback.  Safety of Pope Resources contractors, employees and the public is a paramount concern of the company during logging operations.  The company will coordinate with Kitsap County and the Hansville Greenway Ass’n. to communicate trail closures as portions of the trail come right to the edge of the100′  trail easement.  Trail closure signs will be posted at both end of the outback trail.  Please respect the trail closure signs and the requests of staff on site conducting the operations for your safety.  Logging trucks will enter and exit the logging site just North of the Chatham development on Hansville Road.  For more information contact  Adrian Miller at 360-394-0595 or at amiller@orminc.com   A map of the logging area is also available on our website.

Pope Resources has a long history of providing not only public access to their timberlands, but also conserving more 33,000 acres of property through conservation sales and easements.  In 2007, they sold 91 acres of land to Kitsap County Parks Dept. as well as a trail easement on their property to help facilitate connectivity through the Hansville Greenway.  It made the Sid Knutson Puget Sound to Hood Canal trail a reality.

New stairs installed down to the Hawks Hole Creek bridge.  On January 27th, seven Greenway volunteers installed new stairs made of 6” x 6” timbers to make it easier to walk up and down the slope.  See the attached before and after photos.  More pictures of the efficient crew installing the new stairs are on our website: www.hansvillegreenway.org.

If you would like to be a volunteer, please come and join us at the next Hansville Greenway Ass’n meeting, 6:00 pm at GHCC on Thursday, April 6.