Spring is just around the corner and hopefully with drier and sunnier weather.  After a very wet January the Greenway trails are holding up well with just a few wet places thanks to the installation of geoblocks on the famous “slippery slope” between trail markers 15 and 16.last Summer.  Another 70′ of geoblocks was installed in February on the Bear Meadow trail.  Some clogged culverts were cleaned out helping to drain water from the trails.  Thanks to all the stewards and volunteers for their time and effort.

We have noticed an increase in hikers taking along their dogs without a leash.  Dogs must be kept on a leash in the Greenway as it is a mandatory Kitsap County Parks Dept. rule.  Dogs can be harmful to the wildlife in the sanctuary just by barking and chasing after them as well as making other hikers nervous and kids scared.  So please, keep your dogs controlled on a leash when hiking through the Hansville Greenway.

We have also seen an increase of thrown away garbage such as bottles, cans, bags and even full mutt mitts left on the trails.  Remember, if you bring it in, take it back out with you!

Work continues at Norwegian Point Park.  The old creosote covered logs along the West property line have been removed and replaced with a new pole fence.  A group of Navy personnel from the USS Nimitz helped cleanup the area by the new fence, spreading gravel and pulling out some unwanted and evasive plants by the beach near the gazebo.  A few hours of their work helped a lot to improve the looks of the park.  Plans are now under way to remove the old rotten wooden deck against the boat house and the old building addition that blew down during a Winter wind storm.

If you would like to be a volunteer for the Hansville Greenway or Norwegian Point Park you can contract us at www.hansvillegreenway.org, or visit us on facebook.  The next meeting will be 7:00 pm on April  7th at Greater Hansville Community Center.  Come and join in on the fun!