From the Trails

April 28thJim, Marilyn, Susan, Howie and I ventured up to Post #6 and did a bit of work on the tree that had blown down. We filled in the hole by the roots and smoothed the trail. Also widened it a bit by cutting roots and dirt from the root wad. People had been going around the cedar next to the trail, so we put an old log and branches to discourage that. Saw three visitors on the trail while there.


What a great feature to have along the trail.  As one wise person said:  “Dead logs are far more living than live ones”.


 May 19th, 7-8 p.m.Decided to take an early evening walk in the Greenway.  Walked while enjoying the sun just starting to get into setting mode.  Noted healthy flowers growing along the trail.


May 16, 5-6 p.m.55 degrees, calm wind. We walked in from Ponderosa to Lower Hawk’s Pond platform and back around Trillium Loop. Half hour of birding at the mostly sunny platform: A solo Black-headed Grosbeak serenaded us from right up above, while Red-winged Blackbirds, Bewicks Wrens, and Marsh Wrens, provided almost a constant chorus.  Two Bald Eagles did a flyover. Yellow Pond Lillies are blooming, as well as the pink Western Bog Laurel.  Look out to the right

from the platform to see the Bog Laurel in the distance. Quite a few trilliums still in bloom on the loop.  A few minor muddy spots on the trail. Wonderful late afternoon walk.


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Happy Trails!

Marilyn DeRoy