By Ken Shawcroft

Birds are back. COVID-19 is starting to fade. Goldilocks let the three bears out. Loggers are almost done. And Summer arrives on June 20!

May was the big month for birds migrating through and nesting in the Hansville Greenway, and there may still be active nests in the tall grasses in the meadow in June. Please don’t let off leash dogs, or kids wander through the tall grass there.

We are extremely fortunate to have the Hansville Greenway so accessible to many of our Hansville homes in this time of “social distancing”.  Trail users have been great about stepping off the trail to let others pass to maintain safe distancing, and it looks like we will have to continue these practices through the summer.

There have been reports over the last month of a mother black bear and two cubs wandering from Cliffside to the southern end of the Greenway. By the way, the official name of the Greenway is Hansville Greenway and Wildlife Corridor.  Please share the trails and practice “social distancing” with the wildlife.

The primary reason for creating the Hansville Greenway in the early 1990s was to provide a natural space in the middle of the Hansville peninsula where residents could go to enjoy nature forever.  The 265, or so, acres of forest rescued by the Greenway will never be logged, but some Greenway trails cross recently logged timberlands to the south. Those trails will be restored by Hansville volunteers when the logging is completed and will remain part of the Greenway forever. Pope Resources anticipates finishing the logging by mid-July.