Hansville Greenway Update

As humans, we pick and choose whomwe invite into our homes. While this isthe norm for us, it is not a privilege offorest dwelling animals. They do not have the option to pick and choose when humans enter their domain. So,it is essential for us to respect their home as we explore it.

Trails provide us with the opportunity to go deep into the living forest. The trails also provide access to delicate and sensitive parts of the Greenway allowing us to experience the natural world from within; the Greenway and ourselves. Therefore, it is imperative to take precautions to minimize our impact on the forest ecosystem.

We can minimize our presence by sticking to the trails, leaving with all the items we entered with, listening to nature more than adding to it, and wearing earth-colored clothing to blend in with nature. Also, as a reminder to folks hiking with your dog(s), please keep them on leash to further reduce disruption to the forest animals and plants!

The trail crews have been very busy cutting back trail encroaching vegetation.A big thank you to all the volunteers who keep the trails accessible.

You may request information by emailing: info@hansvillegreenway.org. The next scheduled Greenway meeting is for June 4, 2019, 6:00 pm at the Community Center.