The Man Who Bridged the Gap

                The next time you lean on the pedestrian bridge railing over Hawk’s Hole Creek on the Hansville Greenway to stare at the still water delighting the bugs, thank Martin Adams. Nestled in the sword ferns near a post to prevent motorized madness on the bridge is a simple memorial to tell hikers that Martin Adams was a great friend and tireless community volunteer. He was also the primary brains and energy behind the bridge.

                “He was a tremendous asset to the whole development of the Greenway,” says Ken Shawcroft, one of the Greenway founders. “We really miss him.”

                A bridge is a complicated venture requiring permits, professionals, and plenty of money. An anonymous donor gave $16,500 for the one over Hawk’s Hole Creek. Martin, with a background in mechanical engineering, coordinated the rest. He helped design a bridge that fits the graceful surroundings. He tilted the railings slightly to preserve the structure longer by allowing water to run off. He found building contractors for the construction and arranged for the delivery of materials on a private road. That delivery included cement piped from a truck two tenths of a mile to the construction site.

                “He was very detailed and a hard worker,” Ken says. “We were lucky to have him.”

                Martin was quiet and unassuming, but he knew how to catch the eye of Hansville residents on his bright yellow three-wheeled motorcycle. Ken said Martin volunteered on Greenway projects right up to his death a few years ago. You can appreciate him with a walk over the rock-solid bridge that’s a testament to his dedication to the Greenway.

By Cynthia Taggart