A big thank you to all of the volunteers who signed up for the “United Way’s Day of Caring”.  The group cleaned the trail and the viewing platform, trimmed the trail sides as well as spreading new gravel the length of the wooded portion of the trail.  The wooded portion of the trail is short and is wheelchair accessible.  There is plenty of parking at Norwegian Point Park and an easy walk down Twin Spits Road to the trail entrance.  The wooded portion (1) is approximately three tenths of mile long to Shoreview Ave.  You can continue a short distance up Cora Ave (2) where you can turn right and continue up Cora Ave and on up to Bear Meadow and Buck Lake, or turn left at the Greenway trail sign and continue to Buck Lake Road to Hansville Road and back to Norwegian Park, (see the map).  It’s an easy 1 mile trek with a nice change of views.

The timber harvest just West of Hansville Road is scheduled to be completed by the first week of July according to Pope Resources.  The Greenway trail easement on the North side of the property has been closed for safety concerns during the logging operations and should reopen to hikers as soon as it is considered safe.  Plans call for replanting trees when the weather becomes suitable for the seedlings to take root.  Pope Resources thanks everyone for their patience during the timber harvest.

The stewards and volunteers are still busy with trail maintenance and improvement projects and are always looking for additional volunteers to lend a hand.  Come to the next Greenway Ass’n. meeting at the Greater Hansville Community Center, August 3rd at 6:00 p.m. to learn more.