The wet days of Spring are behind as we greet the hot dry months of July and August.  During May and June the Greenway Association volunteers have been busy clearing the sides of the trails of fast growing plants, especially stinging nettles, blackberry vines and invasive weeds.  Just a few small trees, limbs and branches from a late Spring wind were removed right away thanks again to the stewards and volunteers.

On a hot Summer day the Greenway trails are a great place to cool off, relax and enjoy nature. The trails are dry and firm now and it’s probably the best time of the year for a quiet walk in the woods.  Don’t forget dogs must be kept on a lease and mutt mitts are available from dispensers at the main trail entrances.  Of course with the dry conditions, please be aware of the danger of fires.  No smoking please.

We recently found horse poop in the middle of the Alder Wetlands trail.  Not only is it disgusting to have to walk around it, but… HORSES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THIS TRAIL!  The wooden walk ways are not designed for horses and can be dangerous for them, the riders and others walking the trail. There are some of the Greenway trails that can be used for horse riding and they are clearly marked.  For those of you that love to ride your horse on the Greenway trails, please stay on those trails designated for horse riding, they are clearly marked.  And please, be prepared to remove what your horse leaves behind.  Sorry no bronc mitts available.

The next Greenway Association meeting will be 7:00 pm on August 4th,  at the Greater Hansville Community Center.  Please come and join us, everyone is invited and there are no dues required to become a member.. You can check us out online at hansvillegreenway.org. Also on our web page you can find the trail map as well as photos of special places of interest along the trails.