Happy Greenway New Year

The Hansville Greenway has a gift for you this new year: suggested resolutions.

For those who have never set foot on a Greenway trail, resolve to make 2024 your hiking year. You don’t need much more than walking shoes most seasons, although boots are nice during the wet and muddy winter months. Maps are available at most trailheads. The easiest access to the trails is from the Hansville Community Center, where plenty of parking is available.

Resolve to take your dog with you on a leash and a poop bag in your pocket. Your dog will love the red alders and cedars, Oregon grape and thimbleberry bushes, dead logs and mushrooms. Wear something with a pocket so you can pack out your dog’s full poop bag; there’s only one poop can on the Greenway. Resolve to find it!

Challenge yourself to pick up any trash you find and toss small branches on the trail to the side. Resolve to report the big impediments—fallen trees, damaged boardwalks—to info@hansvillegreenway.org. Greenway volunteers regularly organize work parties to clear the trails, repair damages and cut back weeds, blackberry bushes, Scotch broom and more. Resolve to thank a volunteer or join a work party that fits your schedule.

The Greenway offers so many opportunities to learn about Nature and wildlife. Promise yourself this year to learn to identify red-winged blackbirds or downy woodpeckers or any of a thousand birds by sight or sound. The free Merlin Bird ID app–https://merlin.allaboutbirds.org/–is wonderfully helpful and fun.

Finally, share your favorite Greenway hikes with friends and family. Pledge to take your kids to see the trillium in spring and ducks on the ponds in summer. The Hansville Greenway offers Nature at its best. Resolve to take advantage of it.

Cynthia Taggart