We are saddened by the passing of our friend and long-time Hansville Greenway steward, Lou Nawrot.  He was an important member early in the establishment of the Hansville Greenway Association.  Lou was our legal advisor and played a big role, working with the County, in negotiating with Pope Resources for the purchase of the lower end of the Greenway. 

Lou really enjoyed hiking in the Greenway trails and was especially fond of the trail from Hood Canal Drive to Hawks Hole Creek Bridge.  He also liked working on the legal aspects of stewardship providing guidance on rights-of-way and easements.  Lou was the first person I called when a question came up about an easement.  He was always quick to respond and provided just the right amount of detail.  

Lou regularly attended our Greenway meetings and was always a voice of reason and cautioned us wisely on legal issues.  The last thing he worked on was to better understand the easements from The Ridge (formerly Sterling Highlands) to the Greenway. 

We all will miss him greatly.  Our thoughts are with Sara and family. 

Michael Szerlog, Hansville Greenway President.