The New year is fast approaching and with it comes the time of year when people resolve to make meaningful changes in their lives. Whether it is shedding pounds, beginning to exercise, eating less processed foods, or anything else important in one’s life. The time of year historically reserved for making resolutions is upon us.

The problem with most resolutions is they are either not realistic, not specific, or unachievable in the long run.  Thank goodness for the founding Greenway members for their resolve to raise the funds necessary to purchase the land, which we know as the Greenway. 

The resolve to obtain property for the creation of the Greenway began in 1995 when Sid and Jeanne Knutson donated a seven-acre conservation easement to the Kitsap Land Trust. The land included one acre at the south end of Upper Hawk’s Pond and the northeast six acres of Lower Hawk’s Pond. 

Between 1992 and 1997, efforts to locate funds for the purchase of 154.5 acres between Buck Lake and Lower Hawk’s Pond were underway.  The purchase of this tract of land was for trail building purposes.  The funds came from various sources including the Washington State Inter-Agency Committee for Outdoor Recreation (IAC), and the County’s parks impact fee revenues. 

The work necessary to raise funds for land acquisition involved the commitment and resolve of many people and agencies to be successful. Today, the Greenway is living proof of the efforts and resolve of the founding members’ vision to create the Greenway for us and future generations to enjoy.

I encourage everyone to resolve to explore the Greenway regularly in the coming year. If you are so inclined, lending a hand to help maintain the trails is always welcomed and appreciated.

The next scheduled meeting takes place on Thursday, February 6, 2020, at 6 PM at the GHCC.