To everyone who enjoys a pleasant walk in the woods, Happy New Year from the Hansville Greenway Association. We hope to see you on the Greenway trails during the coming year.

During the December annual meeting the following officers were elected for 2017.

 President, Mike Szerlog
 Vice President, Jim DeRoy
 Secretary, Marilyn DeRoy
 Treasurer, Art Ellison

Denny Johnson will continue as Stewardship Coordinator and Howie O’Brien as Maintenance boss. We all expressed our thanks to all of them and the various volunteers for their efforts in maintaining our wonderful trail system last year. Howie and Dennis can always us more maintenance helpers and stewards, so please consider assisting with our trail projects in the coming year. You can also help by reporting any trail blockages, muddy spots, damage, downed trees or anything else that needs maintenance attention. You can contact us at info@hansvillegreenway.org. You can also send us photos to share or just to volunteer. Also, look for the Hansville Greenway on Facebook.

If you are unable to assist with maintenance projects, you can help out with a tax deductable donation to the Greenway through the Greater Hansville Community Center. Every little bit helps to purchase needed supplies and equipment. Just include the amount on the dues renew form in this issue.

Remember, keep your pets on a leash and pickup after them with mutt mitts that are provided in dispensers at the major trail entrances. Keep motorized vehicles off the trail and help by picking up any trash you may find on the trails. Above all else, enjoy your quiet trip through our Hansville Greenway.

The next Hansville Greenway associaiton meeting will be February 2nd, Groundhog Day, 7:00 pm at GHCC. There are no dues and everyone is welcome.