We had a lovely Saturday afternoon in November after a week of cold and rain and wind, and the sun drew a number of hikers to the Hansville Greenway.  One couple, on their way through the Greenway, arrived at the small bridge below Bear Meadow just as a horse and rider broke through one of the bridge boards and tumbled into the mud below. The people who saw this happen reported it to someone who then reported it to the Greenway. From what we know, the horse and rider were ok, but the bridge needed a quick repair. Jim DeRoy happened to have a board that would fit into the bridge and went out Sunday morning with his tools to make the repair. 

We have a number of volunteers in the Greenway who are usually able to respond fairly quickly to reports of maintenance needed. This could be a tree across the trail, a particularly wet area on the trail, or a broken board in a bridge. We always appreciate visitors to the Greenway reporting any of these needs they might encounter. info@hansvillegreenway.org is handy for this. It’s also good to know that if help is needed for someone in the Greenway, there are location markers on posts at most trail intersections. You can dial 911 and identify your location by these markers so that help can find you. The Greenway is always open to those with interest in helping on the trails. You can keep up with what’s going on, on either the Facebook page or the website: www.hansvillegreenway.org.

Marilyn DeRoy