Trails: the pathways to the heart of the Greenway!

After the land to become the Hansville Greenway and Wildlife corridor was purchased, then it was time to provide the public with access to the heart of the forest through a network of trails.   By providing access to the woods, people would have the opportunity to explore and learn about the natural world while connecting with and refreshing the soul.  This next step in the development of the Greenway would be a win-win step.

Nature wins through protection from development, and people win through the opportunity to commune with nature, learn about life in the forest, and gain a deeper appreciation about the human connection with the natural world.  The remaining hurdle to establishing the system of trails in this win-win project would be to obtain the resources, financial and hands-on, to bring it to life.

Building the trails would require tools and hands-on work to complete.  Purchasing tools required a monetary source, which was provided by some enthusiastic locals to the tune of $30,000.  Additionally, Kitsap County donated $12,000 to support the trail system project.  This money provided the procurement of a DR field and brush mower, an assortment of hand tools, a shed to store them in, signs, benches, bridges, and administrative costs.  With implements at the ready, it was time to recruit volunteers to do the real work of building the trails.

With tools in hand, a dedicated and eager group of volunteers contributed more than 5000 hours to identify, establish and build the network of trails crisscrossing the forest, which provides access to the natural world and beauty of the Greenway. 

The next regularly scheduled meeting commences at 6 PM at the GHCC on February 06, 2020.