Even during wet, chilly weather the Greenway stewards and other volunteers have been busy keeping the trails clear and making improvements.  A new bridge was constructed over a perpetual muddy portion of the trail just up from the Hood Canal Drive entrance.  Several downed or dangerous leaning trees were removed. During a heavy rain, an area of the switchback portion of the trail up to Bear Meadow was widened and improved.  The trails just keep getting better, dryer and easier to walk thanks to our great team of volunteers.

Just a reminder, if you take your dogs into the Greenway, county regulations state that they must be on a leash.  Also, please be courteous and take a Mutt Mitt with you to clean up after your pet.  Mutt Mitt dispensers are conveniently located at the trail entrances.  Carry them out and put them in the trash.  Remember, there is no such thing as a pet poop fairy to pick them up. This goes for Buck Lake, Point No Point and Norwegian Point Parks as well.

Hansville Greenway caps and copies of Sid and Craig Knutson’s book “”Story of the Hansville Greenway” are still available for purchase at the Hansville Store.

The Hansville Greenway Association will now meet once a quarter at 6:00 pm at the Greater Hansville Community Center at Buck Lake Park.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 1st.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and we are always looking for new volunteers to join our team.  No dues are required to be a member!