Volunteers Clear the Trails

Thanks neighbors! The Hansville Greenway is open for thorn-free hiking thanks to the hard work of people who use the trails—all volunteers.

Hikers, birders, runners, strollers, dog walkers, horse riders and more joined organized work parties with power trimmers, saws, clippers and loppers to cut back grasses and thorny blackberry branches, pull thistles and invasive weeds and clear trails of the berry shoots and vines that trip even the most observant hikers.

Throughout June and July the work never fully stopped. Berry bushes, ocean spray, elderberry, Oregon grape, Scot’s broom, stinging nettle and more grew so rapidly that they blocked trails to hikers who didn’t carry clippers along. No more was cut than was needed; bushes bursting with ripening berries are still plentiful.

Volunteers also reconstructed an informal trail on private land from Tamarack Dr. in Shorewoods to the Greenway. Landowners had allowed hikers access to the trails for years, but new house construction this summer blocked the route. With the landowners’ permission, Greenway volunteers cut a path around the construction that merges with the old trail and continues to the Greenway. (Some of us are thrilled!)

With 10 miles of trails, the Hansville Greenway can always use volunteers. To join the fun and meet great people, visit https://hansvillegreenway.org/volunteering-in-the-greenway/ and sign up.

One more thing: The campaign to connect Upper and Lower Hawk’s Ponds and expand the Greenway by 10 acres is moving forward. The Hansville Greenway Association and Great Peninsula Conservancy began tours of the property in July and will continue tours on Aug. 12 and Aug. 26.

Hourlong tours start at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Participants meet at the Buck Lake parking lot. To participate, email info@hansvillegreenway.org with the time you prefer and number in your group.

For updates on the campaign and to donate to purchase the 10 acres, visit https://greatpeninsula.org/property/hansville-greenway-hawks-ponds-campaign/.

Cynthia Taggart