As you walk through the Greenway you can’t miss some of the general cleanup maintenance that has been done by our volunteer stewards within the trail system this Summer.  With the warm, wet Spring it seems that the invading brush along the some of the trails has been more invasive and bigger this year.  Especially the Blackberry vines and Salmonberry bushes along some of the sunnier locations.  It’s an ongoing challenage to keep the trails clear and our volunteers have done a great job.  If you feel inclined, take along clippers as you walk through your favorite trail and clip back any of those bushes that are encroaching on the trail.

With the dry weather we’ve had, the fire danger in all the wooded areas is again very high.  Even plants that look green are being stressed and will easily burn.  Just remember when in the Greenway, as Smokey the Bear says, “Only you can prevent forest fires!”

Just a reminder that dogs need to be on a leash while in the Greenway, and motorized vehicles are not allowed.  Visit our website, www. hansvillegreenway.org, where you will find a trail map, photos and other interesting information about the Greenway.  Also, Greenway caps and the book about the history of the Greenway are available at the Hansgrill store

The next Hansville Greenway meeting will be at GHCC, 6:00 pm on Septembert 6th. If you would like to be involved in our volunteer projects, please join us at the meeting.  We are always looking for volunteers and we appreciate your comments and questions.