July 4, 2019, marks the 243rd year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence from Britain.   This day marks an event Americans come together to celebrate a founding pillar of our Independence: Freedom!  Freedom from rule and freedom to choose.  We have a choice where to use fireworks and safety guidelines to follow when celebrating with them.

Fireworks will be purchased and stockpiled in anticipation of celebrating Independence Day, which coincides with our dry season. Therefore, it is imperative to plan fireworks celebrations accordingly and follow the local fireworks code.

We want the Greenway to remain green this year, and every year.   Create a plan where you will launch fireworks before heading out to celebrate.  Ensure there is plenty of open space where you shoot off fireworks because they rarely fly in the direction intended.  Once launched, the laws of physics determine where they end up.  Please plan accordingly.

It is our responsibility to celebrate Independence Day with the utmost care to protect the Greenway from harm. Planning how and where you celebrate with fireworks can minimize the potential for fire and stress to the Greenway’s residents.  Below is a link to the Kitsap County fireworks code, and a link to an article in the Kitsap Sun with a recent update on allowable fireworks. 

The Greenway trail maintenance crew is hard at work trimming brush, cutting limbs, and weed eating grass along the trails to keep them open for all of us to enjoy.  At the end of the day, the crew returns their tools to the new toolshed!  Thanks to all who helped demolish the old shed and assembled the new one. 



The next scheduled meeting is for August 1, 2019, at 6:00 PM at the GHCC.