Hansville Greenway Update

The winds and rain during the past couple of months have had an impact on some trees along the Hansville Greenway trails. Thanks to our Greenway Association stewards and other volunteers the various trees leaning over and onto the trails were usually quickly cut up and moved away from the trails.  Thanks to all who have kept the trails open and to those of you who have reported any potential dangerous trees to our website.

Sometimes the volunteers need to carry heavy saws and equipment deep into Greenway trail system to keep the trails open.  One enterprising volunteer, (I won’t provide his name), has come up with a new lightweight hand powered chainsaw invention ….see the attached photo.  It should be much easier to carry than the big gas powered models. 

Energy Efficient Power Saw

We recently featured a story about the important environmental education field trip for 4th grade students in the North Kitsap School district.  The program will begin sometime this month.

Mary Pitroff has been coordinating the educational trail hikes and is in need of another person to help her co-lead. The leaders are responsible for getting three presenters for each field trip ~ “the meadow”, “the forest” and “the pond”.  The hikes are conducted from 10 am until noon and the students are divided into three groups.  Teachers and parent volunteers accompany the students. The coordinators provide the presenters and then guide the groups through a rotation so each group gets to hear each presenter.  The field trip program has been very successful in that the students get a hands-on experience outside of the classroom.  You are welcome to come along and just observe to see if this is something you would like to help with as a volunteer.  If you would like to help, please contact Mary Pitroff at 360-860-1341, or Mike Szerlog at 360-882-0470. You can learn more on our website, hansvillegreenway.org.

The next Hansville Greenway Association meeting will be Thursday, April   6th at 6:00 pm, at the Greater Hansville Community Center, Buck Lake Park.  We would encourage anyone who would like to help out on the Greenway to come to the meeting and let us know you would like to be involved.  Hope to see you there.