Hansville Greenway Ponds Connection Project

A purchase and sale agreement is now in place for the acquisition of a key property connecting Upper and Lower Hawk’s Ponds.  The seller has agreed to sell the 10-acre parcel for inclusion in the Hansville Greenway for $213,000–$25,000 less than the appraised value.

Great Peninsula Conservancy is managing the fundraising process through its website at https://greatpeninsula.org/property/hansville-greenway-hawks-ponds-campaign/. The goal is to raise $230,000 to cover the property, closing, and administrative costs.  You can make a pledge online at the web page, or print, fill out, and mail the pledge form. Initially only pledges of at least $1,000 will be accepted.  Actual donations will be collected this summer.  A total of $71,500 has been pledged to date.

This project is a rare opportunity to add mature forest and wetland acreage immediately adjacent to the existing Greenway.  More details on the project are at the website above.

Successful acquisition of this property will:

  • Add permanent and varied wildlife habitat to the Hansville Greenway
  • Provide a permanent unobstructed wildlife corridor between Upper and Lower Hawk’s Ponds
  • Prevent house construction on the property
  • Prevent the three acres of trees from ever being logged and
  • Provide a potential for future trails and wetland viewpoints.

Ken Shawcroft