Bridge Replacements Top List of Trail Projects

                After a horse punched its hoof through the decking of a bridge on the Hansville Greenway Trail System, Howie O’Brien knew repairs were a priority this year.

                “Some of those bridges are at the end of life, just worn down,” said Howie, who coordinates construction projects for the Greenway. “After this year, three of them will be wider and stronger.”

                For years, trail projects consisted mostly of maintenance—clearing downed trees, rerouting water from over the trails. The toll of wear and tear on structures, though, is obvious this year. Already, Howie and other volunteers have replaced boards in the viewing platform over Lower Hawk’s Pond.

                Kitsap County Parks provides the Greenway with $1,000 per year for supplies for projects. Volunteers provide the labor. This year the county money will cover the lumber for the bridges and two new benches where hikers can sit and listen to the redwing blackbirds and other birds sing.

                Bridges just off the Ponderosa entrance and on the Trillium Loop trail near Hawk’s Hole Creek will be widened from two feet to four feet and curbs will be added on the sides for more comfortable horse crossing. The final bridge design will come from Kitsap County Park probably in early May. Volunteers also will replace a bridge of logs that’s falling apart on the Hood Canal Drive trail.

                Projects for the future include a boardwalk over a perpetually muddy area at Post 10.

                “Mud is part of hiking, but horse traffic churns it up and bikes leave ruts,” Howie said.

                Most projects take no more than an hour to complete. To volunteer, contact Art Ellison at

Cynthia Taggart