As of October 16

For those of you who haven’t recently visited the Hansville Greenway, there have been some changes. There was a bunch of logging between Hood Canal Drive and Post #17. While the majority of the timber has been harvested, we have re-established the trail. The timber company will be replanting the trees, possibly this fall.

If you venture up to the area near Buck Lake, you will see that we have done extensive mowing in Bear Meadow and Otter Meadow. We rely on Dennis Kommer of Dennis Kommer Excavating, LLC to donate a day a year to do this work. Meadow mowing is essential if we are to maintain the meadows not only for bio-diversity, but for enabling the creatures that need a meadow environment to survive. As you know, invasive blackberries, thistles, and other non-native growth will rapidly take over if not controlled.

Dennis Kommer cutting the blackberries.

Can’t remember where the trail number posts are located? Check out our map in the General Information menu item.  Remember, you can always load the Maprika app on your smart phone and import the Hansville Greenway map. The app works with Android or iOS. With GPS enabled, you should be able to find your way with no problem.

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We are always short of able-bodied people to help with maintenance so if you’ve ever wanted to volunteer your time for a really good cause, we’d love to have you. Any time you can contribute is really appreciated! And you’ll get bragging rights for working with us! There is no “required” amount of time for volunteers to work.  We are just happy to get any help we can get. Navigate to the “Contact Us” menu item and raise your hand!