As of May 20th

Right now, the trails are in pretty good shape. We are entering the “growing season” and if we don’t keep up with the maintenance, the trails will become impassable. At this time we are not permitted to have work parties because we can’t maintain social distancing. There is some minor maintenance being accomplished by our stewards. Once we get the go-ahead, we’ll be more active and addressing larger maintenance items. Would be nice to have help. We’ll post a link to allow potential volunteers to sign up to help us.

With the closure of parks, stores, etc. people are discovering that a hike in the woods is most relaxing. We’re seeing more people on the trails, but given the size of the Greenway, there are never many people in the same place at once.

The county has opened the Buck Lake Park parking lot, so you can enter the Greenway at the Buck Lake trailhead. There are more entrances (trailheads) than the one at Buck Lake. There is one at the top of Ponderosa Blvd in Shorewoods, one at the end of Spruce St. in Shorewoods, one adjacent to Twin Spits Rd. a short way from the store, one at the first turn in Buck Lake Rd. as you head up toward Buck Lake, and one off of Cora St. Take a look at our map online and you will see them.

Unfortunately, two trailheads are not currently accessible due to the logging going on. One is on Hansville Rd. and the other is on Hood Canal Dr. We have posted a map provided by Kitsap County on our Facebook page. It is also posted on this website. We hope to be using them by this fall. At that time, we’ll have some work to do in order to re-establish the trail through the logging area. This will be a great opportunity for you people out there wishing to help out. We’ll be posting the planned work party here and on the Greenway Facebook page.

Can’t remember where the trail number posts are located? Check out our map in the General Information menu item.  Remember, you can always load the Maprika app on your smart phone and import the Hansville Greenway map. The app works with Android or iOS. With GPS enabled, you should be able to find your way with no problem.

Want to report stuff? Want to volunteer to help? Just e-mail us at or you can contact Art at 360-638-0738  to make your report. You can also comment on our Facebook page.

We are short of able-bodied people to help with maintenance, so if you’ve ever wanted to volunteer your time for a really good cause, we’d love to have you. Any time you can contribute is really appreciated! And you’ll get bragging rights for working with us! There is no “required” amount of time for volunteers to work.  We are just happy to get any help we can get.