Timber Harvest Within the Easement for the Hansville Greenway Trail on Pope Resources’ Property

Pope Resources has a long history of providing not only public access to our timberlands, but also conserving over 35,000 acres of our property through conservation sales and easements.  In 2007, Pope Resources sold 91 acres of land to Kitsap County as well as a trail easement on Pope Resources’ Property to help facilitate connectivity through the Hansville Greenway.

Pope Resources retained the right to harvest our timber in portions of the easement areas and is planning on logging within the trail easement, as allowed under the conservation agreement with Kitsap County.  We want to take the opportunity to make the public aware of what is happening on our property and the implications to trail use during active operations.  The precise timing of the harvest is not yet known, but will likely occur before 2021.  As the timing of the harvest firms up, we will communicate that to Kitsap County and the general public.

Safety and Trail Closures

Safety of our contractors, employees, and the public is of paramount concern during the logging operations.  We will be coordinating with Kitsap County to communicate trail closures as portions of the trail easement are within our harvest areas.  The trail may be closed during the course of the logging.  Please respect trail closure signs and the requests of staff on site conducting the operations for your safety.

Timber Harvest

Timber Harvest is regulated by the State of Washington by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  Pope Resources is required to apply for a permit through DNR and comply with Washington State’s Forest Practice Rules.  Once the permit application is approved, we can answer more specific questions about the operations and specific environmental protections.  More about the permit process and the regulations can be found at:


The regulations include limiting the size of harvest units, ensuring protection of water quality, as well as fish and wildlife habitat through a variety of site specific rules.  Landowners are required to leave trees for environmental buffers and for upland retention.  Where feasible, we will leave retention trees near the existing trail easement.  The flagging you see in the field helps implement these regulations and we would appreciate being notified if the public observes this flagging being removed. When field reconnaissance and layout are complete a more detailed map can be provided.  Following harvest, all landowners are required replant and Pope Resources will do so as soon as possible after harvest, generally within one year.


For more information please contact Adrian Miller at 360-394-0595 or at amiller@orminc.com