Olympic Resource Management Logging Plan

Notice of ORM logging activity and Greenway Trail Closures in April.

For those that did not attend the February’s Greenway meeting, you may not of heard that Olympic Resource Management will be logging the “HoneyBadger” harvest unit near the Greenway Trail entrance on the west side of Hansville Road – leading to the area we call the Outback (see flyer regarding the exact location).  While they won’t be cutting trees in the 100 foot easement for the Greenway trail running east to west at the northern edge of the operation, they will be cutting trees up to the trail in several locations. ORM has marked out a survey line that clearly shows the boundary of the easement and Greenway board members recently walked that line with ORM personnel to better understand what stays and what gets cut.  In addition to cutting near the easement, they will be cutting trees up to the edge of Hansville Road, so the trail easement running north and south parallel to the road will have logging equipment crossing the trail to cut trees (note: this easement is much smaller and does allow for trees to be cut).  Because of the proximity of the operation to the Greenway, the trail leading to and from the Outback will be intermittently closed during operations (see Trail Closure Flier).

Adrian Miller of ORM indicated that logging operations should be starting the second week of April.  He provided the following flier to use as communication.  Besides the list serve, we will plan to post this information on our web site and Facebook page in addition to the Kiosks at Buck Lake and other trail locations.  I will need some help with this.  Art should be able to update the sites, but I will need help with posting these fliers. Let me know if you can help by printing them out, cover with clear packing tape to protect from rain, and attach to trailheads.  I can do the one at Buck Lake Park and the meadow.

Once ORM meets with the logging contractor to go over the unit, Adrian will have a better sense of the frequency and duration of the trail closures.  While there is a date range in the flyer, the trail won’t be closed for that entire duration, but it could be intermittently during that time.

ORM will take care of posting signage in the field when the trail is actually closed.  Once they know that the operator has completed operations adjacent to the trail, they will send out a notice officially “re-opening” the trail.

The map of the logging operation can be seen by clicking on the menu item under the General Information for Visitors link on the main page.