TrilliumWe are always looking for people with a little time to help out on the Greenway.  We realize that most people have a life and don’t want to spend all their spare time out in the woods; however, there are all sorts of opportunities. 

Trail Stewards:  These are folks who hike the trail, usually at random times.  They observe the trail and weather conditions, make note of trail usage including the number of hikers, bikers, and horseback riders, and note any maintenance needs.   These are reported by email to the Stewardship Coordinator.  Time required–usually less than one hour.

Trail Maintenance:  Trail maintenance is usually done by one or two volunteers on assigned trail sections.  We work at our own pace as needed. If the particular job at hand is too large to be easily accomplished by one or two people, the needs are emailed to the Trail Crew Boss who arranges a work party.  Time required–one to three hours.

Special Projects:  These projects can consist of building new trail or doing heavy maintenance of a section of existing trail.  From time to time we are called upon to build drainage structures, boardwalk, or bridges.  We also plant trees and other native vegitation.  Time required–2 hours to several days.

If you would like to help us out in any capacity, simply contact one of the officers that you know or visit our contact page and send us a message.

As you know, in the COVID-19 environment, we want to be sure all of our workers are safe. To this end, Kitsap County has posted guidelines. You may view them here

When planning to work on a project, please click on the acknowledgement to put your name on the list of those who have read and agreed to the guidelines.