A Conservation Vision

TrilliumThe Hansville Greenway is a corridor of county-owned natural areas, trail easements, and conservation easements reaching from Puget Sound at Norwegian Point Park to Hood Canal. The Greenway was created in the mid-1990’s through a community partnership with Kitsap County Department of Parks and Recreation.

It is located near the north end of the Kitsap Peninsula, just southwest of the unincorporated town of Hansville, adjacent to Buck Lake County Park. The Greenway consists of a 245-acre tract extending from just north of Buck Lake 2 miles to the south and west, a separate 20-acre tract close to the village of Hansville, 2.5 miles of trail easement, and 8.6 acres of conservation easement. It includes the west shore of Buck Lake, most of two beaver ponds (Upper and Lower Hawk’s Ponds), other wetlands, and a portion of the stream called Hawk’s Hole Creek that flows from the southerly beaver pond (Lower Hawk’s Pond) to Hood Canal . Most of the land is second- and third-growth forest, primarily Douglas fir, red alder and cedar. Approximately 5 miles of trails run through the Greenway and another 2.5 miles are on trail easements across private property. The main entrance to the trail system is at Buck Lake County Park. Norwegian Point Park is the Puget Sound terminus of the Hansville Greenway trail system, but is not part of the Greenway.

Be sure to check trail conditions, below, for the latest information on the logging  taking place just south of the Greenway.